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    Активация экстра-территорий банд
    В данной статье описан глитч по активации введённых в игру, но неиспользуемых территорий банд.

    THE OFFICIAL EXTRA TERRITORIES FAQ POST-TRICK FAQ What "Extra Territories" are you on about? As some may not yet know, there is a little "trick" in GTA: San Andreas. This trick will enable gang territories all over San Andreas. This will also unlock the Mafia and Triads (as well as other) gang territories. So, its a glitch? Well, while it was first thought a glitch, it is actually begining to look like it was intentionally implanted to be found. To have an error of code result in spawning new territories is quite complex. It very well appears that this little "glitch" was programmed, and sophisticatedly programmed at that. Can anyone do it? Yes. Anyone who can play GTA:SA can do this trick. A cheat enhancer such as the GameShark or Action Replay are not required. Can it corrupt game save data? No. People I have talked to, and myself, are yet to have any problems or unwanted side effects, as a result of the trick, nor do we know anyone who has had any such problems. Therefore, its safe to overwrite my old game file? Well, yes. But it is a matter of preference. Others have overwritten their old file, whilst other people prefer to save on a new slot. Personally, I saved a new slot. How many territories are unlockable? 178 territories total. Do you require 100% [Complete game/Territories] OR do you have to be at a specific point in the game? You do not need 100% territories, and you do not need 100% game completion. You can have either of these, both of these, or none of these. It makes no difference. It has been tested in all cases. About being a certain point in the game, it has been tested at various points, but it is reccomanded you complete all the storyline missions. Why did they take this out of the game? We have no idea. Some other sites have requested such answers from RockstarGames, unsurprisingly, they are still waiting on a response. But this WAS in the game, right? Yep. Check page 196 of the Brady Streagy Guide. It has a chart of gangs, that can not be normally found, and their colors. Also included is their own map, which was scanned by Stalemate420 from GTAForums. THE TRICK To enable all those extra territories and gangs, simply get in an aircraft, boat or car (with the drive on water cheat) and begin to fly/drive out away from the San Andreas land. As some sites/users report, this may be ANY direction. Just keep driving/flying for about 30-45 minutes. You will not see any changes to the map. The only visible difference at this time will be under "STATS -> GANGS". So to best find out how much you have uncovered whilst at sea, you might want to record all the values before heading out. Driving/flying for 30-45 minutes will begin the process. To unlock all 178 territories, you would want to tape down the X button or put an aircraft on auto-pilot. I find using a boat with tape works the best.. I actually pulled a part a PSX controller and fixed it up to hold down X itself. The time it takes to unlock all 178 will vary. In some cases, it took four hours. In others, it took upto nine hours. Best just to tape the X button and goto sleep. After this time, simply drown, blow yourself up, or return back to land (if you drive/fly back, you will need to save or enter a building before the trick fully works). THE TRICK FAQ We can drive/fly in any direction? Was this ever tested? Yes. This was tested numerous times. I drived/flew in different directions all the time, as well. My boat keeps changing directions because of the waves! Don't worry. Mine did too. It doesn't make any difference, even if he heads back to the land. As long as he goes back out to sea after/before he reaches land, it will still work. The colors aren't changing on my map You must first bring up the black loading screen, e.g. by dying. This will refresh the map. Can I do some unlocking now, then unlock more later? Yes, you may repeat this trick at any time to further unlock more territories. No more territories will unlock after 178. What about food? Won't CJ starve? Well, you have three options. 1. Use the health cheat whenever his health gets low. 2. Repeat the trick every so often, i.e. don't go for nine hours straight. Do one hour now, one after he eats, etc/ 3. Use an Action Replay or GameShark for infinite health. *How do I activate Auto-Pilot in the Shamal? Simply fly it out in any direction, one out far from the land, just take it up to a nice altitude and level it out. Slowly release pressure on the X button and it should fly itself. Every now and then it will go up gradually, and back down, etc. It should fly by itself for a few hours. TAKING OVER SAN ANDREAS - FAQ I can never find any Ballas or Vagos, where the hell are they? It may take a while for them to spawn, in some cases, not at all. A method was developed to do get them, but it may be difficult, and is annoying. Stalemate from GTAForums puts this into good words, so I will quote him on this matter. Quote: Q."How do i get members in a area that they wont spawn in?" A.Well, this is my "bitch method" i came up with, go to the closest territory where they spawn, then punch one in the face and run. Make sure that they are chasing you when you start to run away, then just go to the piece you need a war at. How do I take over these new territories? You take over these new territories as you would with any. Simply shoot at the gang in their territory to provoke a war. When I kill 3 [or more] ballas or vagos, a war will not start, yet it is their territory? Oddly enough, some territories will show up different on the map. This means, some areas will show Ballas territory, yet you will need to kill Vargos, and vica versa. Is there a way to make these gang members spawn? Especially in the country side? Yes. Thanks to a new cheat, discovered by 'edisoncarter', there is now a way to make taking over territories a lot easier! This code can also be re entered to deactivate the effect. You will also notice a lot more gang wars when the code is active. Quote: GANGS CONTROL THE STREETS L2, UP, R1, R1, LEFT, R1, R1, R2, RIGHT, DOWN[/B] . What would be the best way to take over territories now, then? Well, you must probally want to start down in Los Santos, take over all the territories there, new and oild.. Move up north in the countryside and take any territory from there (Use the gang control streets cheat). After that area is claimed, I headed out west, and took the Angel Pine and Mt. Chilliad areas, and anything I may have forget to mention here (you'll see if theres anything left over down there.). Then, I headed up and took over most of San Fierro, which I'm still working on.. The last few territorires are killers. But then you would want to finish off with Las Venturas, and your set. Do the new gangs (Mafia, triads, etc.) take over any of your territories? No. The new gangs are pretty stationary, as in, they just stay in their own area, and don't bother waging wars against you. ### Updated Constantly ### Here's two pictures of my map, one with gang colors turned off, just so you can see how much of the map is lit up.

    Авторы:: Agent Ozzy, Stalemate420, edisoncarter, Skiller

    Источник: https://www.gtagaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38291
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