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    Форум » Russian GTA Community » Игроки » Andre9977
    OKStyle Дата: Воскресенье, 14/06/2015, 16:21 | Сообщение # 1

    Регистрация: 17/01/2009

    Все помнят скриптера из "старого" SA-MP'а, который по неизвестной причине был удалён со всем его контентом с форума... Вот ответ на наши вопросы (нашёл в его профиле для San Andreas Party). В 2х словах: его обвинили в утечке исходников SA-MP 0.2.5, к которым у него на самом деле не было доступа.

    Real name: Andre Tamm
    Nickname: Andre9977
    Real Age: 15
    Real location: Estonia, Viljandi
    E-Mail: Andre@Mini-Missions.com (E-Mail), Andre992@hotmail.com (MSN Messenger Live)

    * Been a SA-MP Player since 17th January, 2007
    * Have participated in lots of SA-MP projects, e.g Argonath RPG, DFSFv3 as a main admin or administrator
    * Joomla designing (web design) for my aunt's work purposes
    * Scripting experience: done lots of projects, such as hYdra DM, SF-RP, DFSFv3, XS2Server, Mini-Missions, etc.

    Experience, as such rather becomes revealed in action, not in this thread.
    I could lie all I want, but I am not, as I do have a certain wish to reach something, so I've gathered lots of things into just 4, or so.

    At the moment, I'm involved in a project called Mini-Missions, which is SA-MP official server.
    I do half of its scripting work, website design and such.

    I've also got a personal project, which's work is temporarily ceased, SF-RP.
    The script offers great features such as bank systems, anticheat systems, car and house buying (beta stage), police system, account system.
    A lots of saving stats and many (* 9999) more features that I couldn't list up right now - it would simply spoil this topic as 80% would just be the features-listing. I don't want to sound egoistic and I can't rate myself - though I think I'm a good scripter and as some people say, I'm more than good.

    I would like to become a tester, because I'd like to participate in creation of San Andreas: Party.
    I'm willing to spend a lot of time on becoming a trusted member and a good tester. Also DELPHI isn't something hardly excessive for me, since it's really like other coding languages I've worked with. I have got a basic course in HTML and PHP, plus PAWN what I've learned on my own. They're really with the same configuration, I mean when you got the basic - every language seems a bit difference.

    I can speak advanced english and some russian, not talking about Estonian, which is my main language. Both Russian and English courses are "A" ("5" in Estonia) for me. I can also speak Finnish (not that well, though it is relevant to Estonian) because I've lived there for a year, when I was 6 years old.

    Coding languages that I've used:
    * C++, used with Tom for examples (minimal experience)
    * VB, used for our server.cfg editor
    * PAWN, used for many several projects I've spoken before (I'm experienced in it)
    * DELPHI, I tried using it for modifying the SFDM that is released on SAP forums
    * PHP, Used it to modify my aunt's page (which uses Joomla)

    I would like to participate in the SA:P project and I have spoken about the reasons above.


    While I was away at countryside, someone probably angry at me or just random, put my name on their site. My name being on a random site doesn't actually matter - It was faked and I never had anything with RaMbO's site.

    While I was a betatester, we didn't even get chance to test 0.2.5, as the files for it were not available. So, how could I leak 0.2.5? I did not have access to it.

    I would like the situation to be cleared out maturely, my application topic cleaned out, or if that's not possible, I want it deleted, as this is 100% laming coming from a UNKNOWN RANDOM source.

    I don't know who to accuse at this point, but I think that my name was put on the site by hackers from TroyRulz site, which is currently linked from it. When it was RaMbO, i'd like to say that I'm dissapointed, on that case someone would be banned for assassination of character.

    Actually, I'm not that important person to be imitated and lamed, why do people do such things?

    For the final: I did not have 0.2.5 files, so I could NOT leak them.

    Форум » Russian GTA Community » Игроки » Andre9977
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