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    О проекте | GTA:Miltiplayer
    OKStyle Дата: Понедельник, 15/06/2015, 03:47 | Сообщение # 1

    Регистрация: 17/01/2009

    Actually we think it's time to tell you something about the idea and philosophy behind V:Multiplayer and also some stuff about our team.
    GTA:Multiplayer was founded by XForce and BitEmE in Dec 2010 as a project of GTA-NETWORK.NET. We were working on writing a new multiplayer called IV:Network for R*'s GTA IV. Sadly the project was canceled 2013 due lack of development and mistakes in development.

    In 2013, XForce and I decided to start writing a solid base for V:Multiplayer and other multiplayer modifications, so you were able to use the code also for other multiplayer projects. In order to do that, we decided to create a module based multiplayer, so you can use each module like Scripting, Network, Server on it own without any dependencies on other programs and modules.
    As we've experienced from IV:Multiplayer and other projects, a lot of crashes occured by messed up or wrong written code. So we decided to take nearly 2 years for writing a solid and stable base. Already back in 2013, a lot of users called us crazy for writing the base already in 2013, but as we know now, it's totally worth it!

    We're using modern technologies and standards (CEF, C++11 and C++14 standards, x64, V8) and optimized our code for high network tasks. A lot of people think we do not have much code yet, in fact our source codes are hidden and private at the moment, but they will be open source and published later (in the next months). Also the beta testers know that we're working hard to bring you the best features and multiplayer to GTA V.

    As you may see, we're taking this project very serious and we've invested a lot of money, Over 10 SSL(TLS) certificates(single & wildcard), Licensed Visual Studio and IDA PRO / Hex Rays, high server costs, over 8 domains and lot more are already beeing paid and used. Totally we've invested over 5000 EUR in this project already, an amount not everybody would invest into a project like that... Also we've already got nearly 50 EUR of donation, which is an incredible amount for us! A big thanks again to the donators. (No worry, we will not add advertisments to the forum in order to get money haha)

    Later back in 2013, Jan known as Waffle, who were already a part of GTA-NETWORK, joined our team. Since then he focused on Linux development to bring you GTA:Multiplayer and it's feature to your linux system.

    Now, in 2014, Marco known as Forces from Germany joined our project. He leads and owns one of the biggest german MTA Server and has a lot of experience in development of scripts(game modes) and leading communites.

    But let's talk about the team more intense. XForce, known as Alexander 'Alex' in reallife, is a application developer from Germany and focused on C++, so it's not a mysterious that he has strong C++ skills and is an expert in this area of coding. He started Reverse Engineering when the decided to be a part of the IV:Multiplayer team and has the strongest RE PE32+ skills from anybody I know.

    Also our team is supported by a R* North Senior Developer, a Microsoft & Kaspersky Reverse Engineerer and a ex developer of R* NY working now at EA. So we're good set up smile

    If you have any questions or want to know something about GTA:MP or us, just leave a message.
    You can also leave a message with some informations about yourself smile

    Kind Regards
    Martin, Alexander, Jan and Marco (BitEmE, XForce, Waffle and Forces)

    Форум » GTA MP » GTA V » GTA:Multiplayer » О проекте | GTA:Miltiplayer
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