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    Форум » GTA MP » GTA 3 » Liberty Unleashed » О проекте | LU
    О проекте | LU
    OKStyle Дата: Суббота, 13/06/2015, 23:39 | Сообщение # 1

    Регистрация: 17/01/2009

    Its been a while since any news was updated on the site, and i guess many of you are thinking whether or not the project is dead.... well its not! Seeing as its nearly christmas and i'm in a happy mood lately, i've decided to open up testing to the public! We've been having semi-public tests the last few nights and it seems stable enough to open up to everybody. Few things to note though... * This is nowhere near finished, so expect bugs of all kinds... including bad sync and random crashes * Idiots will be kicked/banned for being... well an idiot * This is meant for fun aswell as testing, so please have fun! Улыбающийся * Vehicles are only in by a basic way, so sync can be pretty bad at times, aswell as vehicles exploding when they shouldn't. This will be fixed soon * The code is being updated all the time, so before entering a server please check if theres a new build first * Please report any crashes and their offsets, aswell as any additional information that could help in tracking down and fixing the bug * Please dont complain about any bugs or crashes, like i said, this is nowhere near complete * No cheating/using mods! Anybody found using these will be banned I will be setting up a bug tracker shortly so please use that once its up. Bug tracker is up. Please register and report all problems at http://mantis.liberty-unleashed.co.uk Anyway... on to the links! Client - Extract these files to your GTA3 directory and run LU.exe. Notes: * You must have a v1.1 GTA3.exe in order to play. * If the game fails to launch, you may need to install this * Please remember to use a clean GTA3 (no mods) Server: binary-bits.net Port: 2301 Oh and theres an echo channel up at #lu.echo on GTANet Enjoy!

    Переведу только самое важное:
    1. Качаем клиент.
    2. Извлекаем всё из архива в папку с нашей GTA3, и запускаем LU.exe
    3. Коннектимся к:

    Сервер: binary-bits.net
    Порт: 2301

    * У вас должна быть установлена v1.1 GTA3.exe, чтобы поиграть.
    * Если игра не запускается, то возможно вам нужно установить это
    * Используйте "чистую" GTA3 без каких-либо модификаций Обо всех багах писать на http://mantis.liberty-unleashed.co.uk

    Также существует IRC канал для обсуждения: сервер: irc.gtanet.com Канал: #lu.echo Ссылки по теме: Скачать образ диска GTA 3 Скачать патч версии 1.1(eng)
    Источник: http://liberty-unleashed.co.uk

    Testing over Thanks to everyone for testing. Enough data has been collected to keep me busy for a while fixing bugs and tweaking things The server is now closed and the files have been taken offline. Thanks again. I will post when more testing is required, which should be in january sometime

    Thought i'd post an update on what i've been doing the past month or so since the site seems fairly dead lately. I've been working hard on fixing the bugs found in the public beta aswell as adding things that are essential to a release. I have managed to fix the crappy sync bug when jumping or when a player respawns (Player always tries to run forward even though he shouldn't) Also fixed weapon accuracy a little to make it easier to kill people :). There are also a number of other bugs which wern't found in any beta which i have also fixed. Some could have been pretty bad if they had been found. Also fixed a few crashes that were occuring in the server. I've also done some work on improving the efficiency of the code to stop the minor FPS lag that a few people encountered. Currently i am working towards implimenting a spawn selection screen, adding vehicle passenger and sorting out a server browser/launcher. Once these are done the mod will be tested again, either privately or publicly, then i can think about a basic release. I am desperate to get a basic release out very soon, as i am sure a lot of people are waiting for this.

    Прикрепления: 4186333.jpg(101.3 Kb) · 9715219.jpg(53.0 Kb) · 8202120.jpg(186.7 Kb) · 7983588.jpg(132.0 Kb) · 8872291.jpg(104.8 Kb) · 3068656.jpg(196.2 Kb)

    Форум » GTA MP » GTA 3 » Liberty Unleashed » О проекте | LU
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